15 Apr 2022

Importance of fundraising

  • The Indian start-up environment is bursting at the seams with innovative ideas. Any successful business starts with a solid concept, but having a strong idea isn't always enough.
  • Despite the best intentions of entrepreneurs and investors, 9 out of 10 Indian businesses do not succeed like lead balloons due to a lack of scalable concepts
  • While failure is a difficult pill to take, it may also be a valuable instructor. There is no great disappointment for an entrepreneur than to have all of their efforts go to waste.
  •  There is, however, a better aspect to this: if you never fail, you will never learn what works.
  • More than 25% of start-ups failed because of a lack of funding at right time.
  • We don't want you to face such problems. we at Shuru-up help start-ups easily raise funds through our complete digital platform.

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